Term Appointments

Financial arrangements:
    • Participants on Term Appointments may be funded entirely by the releasing organization, or entirely by the hiring unit, or on a cost sharing basis between the two organizations.
    • Participants appointed through the GSP are not included in the net staff count.
    • It is expected that the Bank will cover operational travel and overhead expenses.
    • Participants are eligible to attend Bank training.
    • These appointments may not be funded through Trust Funds.
Administrative Matters:
  • Staff Retirement Plan – GSP term assignment participants must contribute to the Staff Retirement Plan unless participation in the releasing organization’s pension plan is mandatory. In the event participation is mandatory in another plan, the participant could seek a waiver under SR 6.20. If participation in another pension plan is optional, the participant would suspend participation in that plan and participate in the Staff Retirement Plan.
  • Leave and Attendance – Participant will follow leave policy of World Bank Group.
  • Training – Participants are eligible to apply for participation in in-house training courses offered to World Bank staff.
  • Conflict of Interest - The participant, releasing organization, and hiring Bank unit must adhere to the guidelines on conflict of interest.
  • Overall Performance Evaluation – Participants and hiring managers will complete six-month’ interim evaluations as well as the Overall Performance Evaluations in accordance with Bank guidelines and procedures (SR. 5.03) including Results Agreement and Learning Plans. GSP Term appointments include a mandatory probationary period of up to one year. In accordance with SR 4.02 and SR 6.01, participants will need to be confirmed and are eligible for a confirmation increase. Participants will ensure that the releasing organization is provided copies of the relevant documents in a timely manner. Participants are entitled to confirmation increases (SR 6.01) and Salary Review Index.
  • Time Recording System (TRS) – Participants record their time in the unit’s TRS.
  • United Nations Laissez-Passer (UNLP) – Global Secondment Program (GSP) term participants can obtain an application for an UNLP from the Visa Office (MC-2-276).
  • SAP Access – Participants will have the ability to create and submit a trip for approval as well as enter the trip cost statement.
  • Extension of Assignment – Assignments may be extended for an additional year after the initial one or two year period. Assignments will not be extended beyond four years. Hiring manager will need to notify HRSPP of extension at least three months before end of assignment. HRSPP will contact releasing organization to obtain approval to authorize extension.
  • Recruitment of Participant – Participants may apply for externally posted vacancies following World Bank Group hiring practices (i.e. match to criteria, competitive process with relevant Sector Board clearances) and with the written authorization of the partner organization.
  • Exit Requirements – In accordance with Staff Rule 15.01, staff members leaving the service of the World Bank Group are required to be present at the Bank on their last day of service. Any exception will need to be coordinated with the Human Resources Partnership Programs (HRSPP) and the hiring manager.

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