Process for Washington, DC-based Special Assignment and Term Appointments

Implementing the Assignment:

  • Once the participant has been selected and the necessary documentation is received by the World Bank's Human Resources department, the Memorandum of Agreement specifying the terms and conditions, including financial arrangements and Conflict of Interest Guidelines, will be sent to the releasing organization for clearance and subsequent signature.
  • Once the final Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) has been signed by both the Bank and the releasing organization, the participant will receive a Letter of Appointment.
  • For non-US nationals/non-permanent residents, the World Bank will also send supporting documentation to the US Consulate so that the participant can obtain the required G-4 Visa for themselves and dependents.  This visa must be in hand before the participant relocates to the United States.  The participant will not be able to start the assignment and will have to leave the US to obtain the proper working visa if they begin the assignment without the appropriate documentation. The participant should not take any irrevocable action until they have obtained the appropriate visa.  Although the World Bank Group recognizes domestic partner relationships, the United States Government does not.  Visas will not be accorded to participants’ domestic partners only spouses and dependent children.
  • The World Bank Group has a Global Mobility Unit that can assist new staff with information on housing, schools, child care, elder care, and spouse careers.  The hiring unit should put the participant in touch with this office when desired by the participant.
  • Each participant will attend the 3-day Orientation Program upon the commencement of their assignment and should be assigned a peer sponsor/mentor by their manager to further assist them in making the transition to the World Bank Group’s work and culture.

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