The Voice Secondment Program is a nomination process and the nominations are called by each country’s respective Executive Director in early February each year. Nominating agencies should look for officials from either of the following group of countries:

  • Countries for ED’s offices representing eight or more Developing and Transition Countries (DTCs);
  • Countries classified as Low Income Countries Under Stress (LICUS);
  • Countries with a Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) process;
  • Other countries not in the categories above which have expressed a strong interest to participate in the program or have expressed the willingness to help meet some of the related costs.
  • Selection of nominees should be done in a transparent manner at the country level. Nominees must meet any of the following criteria:
  • have been identified as focal agents working in focal agencies or an agency, or in any agency dealing with critical economic reform or economic management-related issues;
  • have worked in the focal agency dealing with Bank and other donors’ programs and projects as a key activity for at least one year. Thus having an adequate level of familiarity with Bank operations, lending instruments, project cycle, and so on;
  • and the following applies to all:
    • be expected to continue to work within the focal agency for the next two to three years following secondment.
    • to ensure work continuity in the sending country, only one staff per agency would participate in the secondment program at a time.
    • Participants should hold minimum of Bachelors Degree or above.
    • Participant to have minimum of low intermediate level of English language competency.

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