Program Features

What are we offering?

VSP is a 6-month secondment assignment. Participants spend 2 weeks in their Executive Directors’ Offices, one week at the beginning of the assignment (as part of their induction) and one week at the end (exit briefing). There is a robust group learning program that the cohort attends and each Voice Secondee completes an individual learning program during the assignment. Effectively four months are spent with the host units to complete their work. The program also pays for one operational mission as part of the work program.

Each Participant is assigned a Peer Sponsor (mentor), other than the immediate Manager, who provides day-to-day guidance and advice to support Participants professional integration.

Each Participant is assigned a Foster Family (same nationality WB staff) to support Participants social integration.

What are we looking for?

The World Bank seeks nominees that meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have been identified as focal agents working in focal agencies or an agency, or in any agency dealing with critical economic reform or economic management-related issues;
  • Have worked in the focal agency dealing with Bank and other donors’ programs and projects as a key activity for at least one year. Thus having an adequate level of familiarity with Bank operations, lending instruments, project cycle, etc; and, the following applies to all:
    • Be expected to continue to work within the focal agency for the next two to three years following secondment.
    • To ensure work continuity in the sending country, only one staff per agency would participate in the secondment program at a time.
    • Participants should hold minimum of Bachelors Degree or above.
    • Participant to have minimum of low intermediate level of English language competency.

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