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Climate Change Aspects in Agriculture

The Regional Flagship "Low Carbon, High Growth: Latin American Responses to Climate Change" lays out the conceptual and operational framework for climate change work in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region and identifies the need for better knowledge of country context in implementation of specific climate change activities.

The Country Notes are a useful tool for organizing in a systematic way the available information on climate change and agriculture in each country. They provide a brief summary of information pertinent to both climate change and agriculture in 19 countries in LAC, with focus on policy developments (action plans and programs), institutional make-up, specific adaptation and mitigation strategies, as well as social aspects and insurance mechanisms to address risk in the sector.

Acknowledgements: The Country Notes were produced by a team of specialists in agriculture, forestry, social development, risk and knowledge management from the Latin America and Caribbean region and other units of the World Bank. The team was lead by Svetlana Edmeades, with guidance from Willem Janssen and Ethel Sennhauser. The Notes were composed by Cristina Dengel with inputs from Diji Chandrasekharan Behr and Gregory Frey (forestry), Sophia Georgieva and Carina Bachofen (social issues), Ana Bucher (land management), Diego Arias (insurance), as well as Alexandra Horst, Erick Fernandes, Ana Francisca Ramirez Copelos, Erwin de Nys and many others who dedicated time and effort on this task. A special recognition goes to Luis Liceaga for the design of the Country Notes and to Claudia Hernandez and Beatriz Franco for all their invaluable logistical support. Last, but not least, the team is very grateful for all the comments and suggestions received from the focal points on climate change and agriculture in many of the LAC countries.

Argentina (pdf 2.53MB)Haiti (pdf 2.52MB)
Bolivia (pdf 2.61MB)Honduras (pdf 2.47 MB)
Brazil (pdf 2.67 MB)Mexico (pdf 3.23 MB)
Chile (pdf 2.61 MB)Nicaragua (pdf 2.58 MB)
Colombia (pdf 2.64 MB)Panama (pdf 2.51 MB)
Costa Rica (pdf 2.53MB)Paraguay (pdf 2.52 MB)
Dominican Republic (pdf 2.51 MB)Peru (pdf 2.68MB)
Ecuador (pdf 2.50 MB)Uruguay (pdf 2.59 MB)
El Salvador (pdf 2.57 MB)Venezuela (pdf 2.53MB)
Guatemala (pdf 2.57MB)




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