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Achievements and Challenges in Vietnam

Although Vietnam has been taken off the list of poorest countries, there remain segments of the population that have not yet left the poverty trap for good. Read more »


Poverty Reports
Country Date Title
Benin 2003 Poverty Assessment
Burkina Faso 2005 Reducing Poverty through Sustained Equitable Growth — Poverty Assessment
Ethiopia 2005 Ethiopia: Well-Being and Poverty in Ethiopia: The Role of Agriculture and Agency
Guinea Bissau 2006 Guinea-Bissau: Integrated Poverty and Social Assessment (IPSA)— Transition from Post Conflict to Long-Term Development: Policy Considerations for Reducing Poverty
Kenya 2009 Kenya - Poverty and inequality assessment
Lesotho 2010 Sharing Growth by Reducing Inequality and Vulnerability: Choices for Change
Liberia 2010 Employment and Pro-Poor Growth
Malawi 2007 Poverty and Vulnerability Assessment: Investing in our Future
Mozambique 2010 Poverty and Wellbeing in Mozambique: Third National Poverty Assessment
2008 Beating the odds : sustaining inclusion in a growing economy — a Mozambique poverty, gender, and social assessment
Nigeria 2009 Employment and Growth Study
Swaziland 2000 Reducing Poverty through Shared Growth
Uganda 2006 Poverty and Vulnerability Assessment
Zambia 2007 Poverty and Vulnerability Assessment
East Asia and the Pacific [ back to top ]
Cambodia 2009 Poverty profile and trend in Cambodia : findings from the 2007 Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey (CSES)
2007 Cambodia – Sharing growth : equity and development in Cambodia
2006 Halving Poverty by 2015? Poverty Assessment 2006
China 2009 From poor areas to poor people : China's evolving poverty reduction agenda - an assessment of poverty and inequality
Indonesia 2010 Protecting present and future generations from poverty
2006 Making the New Indonesia Work for the Poor
Lao PDR 2006 Poverty Assessment Report: From Valley's to Hilltops – 15 Years of Poverty Reduction
Mongolia 2006 Poverty Assessment
Papua New Guinea 2000 Poverty and Access to Public Services
Philippines 2010 Philippines: Fostering More Inclusive Growth
Thailand 2001 Social Monitor: Poverty and Public Policy
Timor-Leste 2003 Poverty in a New Nation: Analysis for Action
Vietnam 2011 Poverty reduction in Vietnam : achievements and challenges
2003 Vietnam Development Report 2004: Poverty
Eastern Europe and Central Asia [ back to top ]
Albania 2009 Albania: Trends in Poverty 2002-2005-2008 (with INSTAT)
2007 Urban Growth, Migration and Poverty Reduction: A Poverty Assessment
2003 Poverty Assessment—Albania
Armenia 2011 Poverty Update Using Revised Poverty Lines
2010 The 2008–09 Global Economic Crisis, Policy Responses, and Household Coping Strategies
2004 Poverty Update—Armenia
Azerbaijan 2010 Living Conditions Assessment Report
2003 Poverty Assessment—Azerbaijan
Belarus 2005 Poverty Assessment: Can Poverty Reduction and Access to Services Be Sustained?
Bosnia-Herzegovina 2009 Protecting the Poor During the Global Crisis: 2009 Bosnia and Herzegovina Poverty Update
2003 Poverty Assessment
Bulgaria 2002 Poverty Assessment
Croatia 2006 Living Standards Assessment: Promoting Social Inclusion and Regional Equity
Georgia 2011 Poverty Dynamics, 2003 - 2010
2009 Poverty Assessment
Hungary 2000 Long-term Poverty, Social Protection, and the Labor Market
Kazakhstan 2004 Dimensions of Poverty in Kazakhstan
Kosovo 2011 Consumption Poverty in the Republic of Kosovo: 2005-06 to 2009
2007 Poverty Assessment—Accelerating Inclusive Growth to Reduce Widespread Poverty
2004 Poverty Assessment —Promoting Opportunity, Security, and Participation for All
Kyrgyz Republic 2011 Growth, Poverty, and Inequality, 2005–08
2011 Poverty Profile and Overview of Living Conditions
2007 Poverty Assessment—Growth, Employment and Poverty
Latvia 2006 Sharing the High Growth Dividend: A Living Standards Assessment
Macedonia 2009 Poverty, Jobs and Firms: An Assessment for 2002–2006
2005 Poverty Assessment for 2002-2003
Moldova 2006 Moldova Poverty Update
2004 Recession, Recovery and Poverty in Moldova
Montenegro 2006 Poverty Analysis in Montenegro
Poland 2004 Growth, Employment and Living Standards in Pre-Accession Poland
Romania 2003 Poverty Assessment
Russia 2004 Reducing Poverty Through Growth and Social Policy Reform
Serbia & Montenegro 2003 Poverty Assessment
Slovak Republic 2005 The Quest for Equitable Growth in the Slovak Republic
Tajikistan 2009 Poverty Assessment Update
2005 Poverty Assessment Update
Turkey 2005 Joint Poverty Assessment Report
2003 Turkey - Poverty and coping after crises
Ukraine 2007 Ukraine: Poverty update
2005 Poverty Assessment: Poverty and Inequality in a Growing Economy
Uzbekistan 2007 Living Standards Assessment Update
Latin America and the Caribbean [ back to top ]
Argentina 2008 Informal Employment in Argentina: Causes and Consequences
2003 Crisis and Poverty 2003: A Poverty Assessment
Bolivia 2005 Poverty Assessment: Establishing the Basis for More Pro-Poor Growth
Brazil 2007 Measuring Poverty Using Household Consumption
2003 Inequality and Economic Development in Brazil
Brazil (Ceará) 2000 Strategies for Poverty Reduction in Ceara - The Challenge of Inclusive Modernization
Chile 2001 Poverty and Income Distribution in a High Growth Economy -- The Case of Chile 1987-98
Colombia 2010 Oportunidades para los niños colombianos : cuánto avanzamos en esta década
2009 Non-Lendng Technical Assistance Colombia Poverty and Jobs
2002 Poverty Report
Costa Rica 2007 Poverty Assessment: Recapturing Momentum for Poverty Reduction
Dominican Republic 2006 Poverty Assessment: Achieving More Pro-Poor Growth
Ecuador 2004 Poverty Assessment
El Salvador 2005 Poverty Assessment: Strengthening Social Policy
Guatemala 2009 Poverty Assessment: Good Performance at Low Levels
Honduras 2006 Poverty Assessment: Attaining Poverty Reduction
Jamaica 2007 Jamaica Poverty Assessment: Breaking the Cycle of Unemployment, Vulnerability and Crime
Mexico 2009 Improving Productivity for the Urban Poor
2009 Analysis of the information, monitoring, and evaluation guidelines of the programs in the public federal administration
2005 Income Generation and Social Protection for the Poor:
Volume I: Integrated Executive Summary
Volume II: Urban Poverty in Mexico
Volume III: An Overview of Social Protection 
Volume IV: A Study of Rural Poverty In Mexico
Nicaragua 2008 Poverty Assessment
2003 Poverty Assessment: Raising Welfare and Reducing Vulnerability
Paraguay 2005 Monitoring socio-economic conditions in Paraguay
Peru 2008 Poverty Measurement. Peru: Ongoing Work
2007 Poverty Measurement. Peru: Initial Cooperation
2005 Opportunities for All: Poverty Assessment
Uruguay 2010 Equality of opportunity : achievements and challenges
2005 Monitoring socio-economic conditions in Uruguay
2004 Poverty Update
2001 Maintaining Social Equity in a Changing Economy
Venezuela 2000 Venezuela: Investing in Human Capital for Growth, Prosperity, and Poverty Reduction
Middle East and North Africa [ back to top ]
Egypt 2002 Poverty Reduction in Egypt - Diagnosis and Strategy
Jordan 2009 Poverty Update
2004 Poverty Assessment
Morocco 2004 Poverty Report — Strengthening Policy by Identifying the Geographic Dimension of Poverty
West Bank and Gaza 2011 West Bank and Gaza Coping with Conflict? Poverty and Inclusion in the West Bank and Gaza
2003 Deep Palestinian Poverty in the Midst of Economic Crisis
Yemen 2007 Poverty Assessment
2002 Poverty Update
South Asia [ back to top ]
Afghanistan 2012 Poverty Assessment
2010 Poverty Status in Afghanistan: A Profile based on the National Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Bangladesh 2008 Poverty Assessment for Bangladesh: Creating Opportunities and Bridging the East-West Divide
India 2011 Perspectives on poverty in India : stylized facts from survey data
2002 Poverty in India - The Challenge of Uttar Pradesh
Nepal 2006 Resilience Amidst Conflict: An Assessment of Poverty in Nepal, 1995-96 and 2003-04
Pakistan 2002 Pakistan: Poverty Assessment: Poverty in Pakistan - Vulnerabilities, Social Gaps, and Rural Dynamics
Sri Lanka 2007 Sri Lanka: Poverty Assessment: Engendering Growth with Equity: Opportunities and Challenges

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