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IEG Self Evaluation: Improving Effectiveness

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What is IEG's role in delivering results?
IEG contributes to the Banks effectiveness by supporting the Board's oversight functions and promoting learning within the Bank and development community. Specifically, it provides accountability by independently reporting on the results achieved by Bank operations. It distills the Bank's operational experience into knowledge of what works and whay, and makes that knowledge widely available to the Bank and global development community. And it supports client governments with its technical knowledge on M&E through its Evaluation Capacity Development activities.

So how is IEG doing?
According to the annual survey of IEG's clients (inside and outside the Bank), there has been an increase in awareness of IEG's products. Moreover, an increasing proportion of respondents reported satisfaction with the quality and timeliness of IEG products. But they give IEG lower marks for depth of analysis and incorporation of all available information. Use of evaluation findings for oversight by the Bank's Executive Directors remains high. Use of findings in the design of new operations has improved, but remains low.

Does the Bank really follow IEG's advice?
An annual Management Action Record (MAR) allows IEG to track its recommendations from sector, thematic, and corporate evaluations. The MAR tracks the level of adoption and the status of individual IEG recommendations over a rolling 3-year period.

Some 96 percent of IEG proposals made in the last three years have been accepted by the Bank. Of these, 95 percent have been adopted with medium, substantial, or high ratings, a level slightly above the previous year. However, the share of recommendations adopted with substantial or high ratings was 42 percent, down from 60 percent the previous year.

How can IEG improve its development impact?
IEG has worked hard to produce more timely and relevant reports in recent years, and to lift up its profile. Lower ratings for operational use and satisfaction with depth of analysis in its reports point to the challenge for IEG to find the right breadth and length for its products.

IEG should continue producing high quality evaluations with sensible and practical recommendations; retain the high level of agreement on those recommendations, and with support from the Board, encourage the Bank to lift up its intensity of adoption and implementation.

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