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What Does a Satisfactory Project Look Like?

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There is no single metric that can be used across projects to assess satisfactory outcomes. Rather, development results span a range of different social and economic indicators depending on the sector and type of project. A project is rated satisfactory when the operation's objectives have been achieved with only minor shortcomings. This is illustrated with one type of development impact in Mozambique, where Bank-supported water and sanitation projects built 130 water source points, bringing drinking water to 62,000 people. And in Cambodia, a Bank-financed project brought clean water to 750,000 people in Phnom Penh.

thumbs upIn the energy sector, a Bank electrification project in the Lao People's Democratic Republic provided main-power-grid electricity to 51,000 households in 721 rural villages, while another 6,000 households gained access to off-grid electricity through solar and hydro systems. Having electricity greatly increased productivity of new small-scale, home-based businesses, and enabled children to study at night.

thumbs up Another type of development impact is demonstrated in Mali, where the Bank-supported Grassroots Initiatives to Fight Poverty and Hunger Project helped more than 6,000 children to attend school, as well as created small-scale health centers in 19 villages.

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