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Executive Summary 

Management Response 

CODE Chairman's Summary 

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: Renewable Energy 

Chapter 3: Energy Efficiency 

Chapter 4: Beyond Energy: Low Carbon Paths in Cities and Forest 

Chapter 5: Special Topics

Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations 

Annex (all) 

Annex A: Renewable Energy Tables and Figures 

Annex B: World Bank Experience with Renewable Energy Surveys 

Annex C: Energy Efficiency Tables and Figures 

Annex D: Lessons from Completed Transmission and Distribution Projects 

Annex E: Coal 

Annex F: Transport Tables and Figures

Annex G: Energy Project Portfolio Databases 

Annex H: Pilot and Demonstration Projects 

Annex I: Carbon and Economic Returns of Projects 

Annex J: Recent WBG Developments in Emissions Mitigation Activities 

Annex K: Evaluation Summary from Climate Change and the World Bank Group - Phase I

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