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Evaluation Team


Thomas O’Brien, Task Manager

Thomas, an Irish national, is an economist with over 20 years experience in hands-on policymaking and development programs. He is the evaluation's main author, and managed the work of all team members. At the Bank, Tom has served as Senior Economist in the Europe and Central Asia Region, and as Country Manager for Bulgaria. Outside of the Bank, Tom has been an economic advisor at the UK Treasury, a management consultant at KPMG, and Chief Executive of the Mersey Partnership, a group that promotes regional economic development, investment and tourism.


Brett Libresco

Brett led the assessment of cooperation among the various arms of the Bank Group and conducted background research and analysis for each of the other chapters. In addition, he directed the team's survey of stakeholders in client countries. Prior to joining the Bank, Brett was a Lecturer in economics at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School, completed research on the social and economic impacts of globalization in South Africa, and served as a senior underwriter and project manager at New York City's housing department.

Giancarlo Marchesi

Giancarlo conducted quantitative and qualitative research and analysis for the relevance, effectiveness, knowledge and global programs chapters. He joined the Bank shortly after completing the Master's in Public Affairs at Princeton University. Giancarlo was a project officer at the Economic and Social Research Consortium and a financial analyst at Terra Networks in his native Lima, Peru.

Evaluation Contributors
Basil Kavalsky
Cynthia Cook
Thomas Reichmann
Daniel Crabtree
Asita de Silva
Ethel Tarazona
Lina Salazar
Joseph Dickman

Field Research Teams
Center for the Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth, Argentina
Vitosha Research, Bulgaria
Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES), Egypt

External Advisors
Ravi Kanbur, Cornell University
Helen Milner, Princeton University
Juan Carlos Echeverry, Universidad de Los Andes
Marc Stephens, Managing Director, OpenCities

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