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  • MICs are a large and diverse group of considerable importance globally and to the Bank

  • The environment for the Bank's work in MICs has changed significantly and will likely continue to evolve rapidly

  • MICs have enjoyed an expansion in sources of development support, including gaining access to international private capital markets and the availing of greatly improved domestic expertise and institutional capacity

  • The nature for development in MICs has become more complex, with an increasing role of the private sector in most economies and growing globalization

  • Stakeholders and outside commentators have proposed changes in the Bank's role in MICs-ranging from revitalizing its engagement to withdrawal This evaluation examines country programs, and highlights three increasingly prominent activities-knowledge services, global programs, and Bank Group cooperation


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Chapter 1: Introduction

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Chapter 2: Relevance of the Bank's Work

Chapter 3: Effectiveness of the Bank's Country Programs

Chapter 4: Sharing and Use of Knowledge

Chapter 5: Engagement of Middle-Income Countries in Global Programs

Chapter 6: Cooperation Across the Bank

Chapter 7: Findings and 

Most Mics are Catching Up to Higher Income Countries

catching up
Source: World Development Indicators 2006. 

More MICs Are Gaining Access to International Capital Markets and on Improving Terms

1 mics gaining
Source: Standard and Poor's sovereign debt ratings. 

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