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Background and Related Documents

arrowEvaluation Approach Paper

arrowField Assessments

arrow Case Study: Managing Financial Crisis

arrowCountry Assistance Evaluations (CAE) 

Other Documents 

arrowWorld Bank documents

Strengthening the Bank's Engagement with IBRD Partner Countries, 2006
 - Development Committee Communique, 2006

Report of the Working Group on Enhancing World Bank Support to Middle Income Countries, 2004
 - Management Action Plan, 2004
 - Progress Memorandum, 2005
 - Second Progress Memorandum, 2005

Report of the Task Force on the World Bank Group and the Middle Income Countries, 2001

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Articles of Agreement, 1989 (amended)

arrowDocuments from other sources

Enhancing Asian Development Bank Support to Middle-Income Countries and Borrowers from Ordinary Capital Resources (Asian Development Bank)

Adding Value to the IFI-system: Report on the Role of the International Financial Institutions in Middle-Income Countries (Netherlands Ministry of Finance)

Endgame at World Bank (Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post, May 14, 2007)

Reforming the World Bank (Jessica Einhorn, Foreign Affairs, January/February 2007)

International Financial Institutions Advisory Commission (the Meltzer Report)

The Hardest Job in the World: Five Crucial Tasks for the New President of the World Bank (Center for Global Development)

The World Bank and Middle Income Countries (David de Ferranti)

arrowRelevant IEG Evaluations

Annual Review of Development Effectiveness

A Decade of Action in Transport

IEG Financial Sector Evaluations

The Gender Dimension of Bank Assistance 

Assessing World Bank Support for Trade 1987-2004: An IEG Evaluation

Small States: Making the Most of Development Assistance 

Addressing the Challenges of Globalization, 2004

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