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What are Middle-Income Countries?

Middle-income countries (MICs) are the 86 countries that fall into the middle-income range set by the Bank's World Development Indicators. They account for just under half of the world's population; are home to one-third of people across the globe living on less than $2 per day; and are found in all six of the Bank's geographical regions. They cover a wide income range, with the highest income MIC having a per capita income 10 times that of the lowest. The group has grown in number since the mid-1990s, including 10 countries (for example China and Egypt) moving from the low-income to middle-income category. 

Click on the map below (Flash plugin required) for economic performance data on MICs and to download Country Assistance Evaluations (CAEs), if available. (Also See: Bank Projects in Middle-Income Countries).

All data is for FY 95-06 commitments

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