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Executive Summary

CODE Chairman's Summary

Chapter 1:  Introduction

Chapter 2:  World Bank Lending for Rural Electrification

Chapter 3:  Who Benefits from Rural Electrification?

Chapter 4: What Is Electricity Used for in Rural Areas?

Chapter 5: The Benefits of Rural Electrification

Chapter 6: Conclusion and Lessons Learned

Appendixes (All)

Appendix A: Rural Electrification Portfolio

Appendix B: Statistical Overview of Portfolio

Appendix C: Distributional Analysis of Rural Electrification

Appendix D: Uses of Electricity

Appendix E: Literature Survey

Appendix F: Impact of Rural Electrification on Microenterprise

Appendix G: Health and Education

Appendix H: Calculating Consumer Surplus

Appendix I: Evaluation Approach Paper

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