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Recent global financial and environmental crises demonstrate the need to create and implement regulatory frameworks that balance private and social benefits and costs. The World Bank Group (WBG) instituted safeguards and sustainability policies to prevent and mitigate adverse impacts of its projects on people and the environment.

IEG’s study on safeguards and sustainability policies is the first comprehensive evaluation of all the safeguard policies and performance standards of WBG implemented in projects... MORE >

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Press Release | Management Response/Management Action Record (PDF)
CODE Chairman's Summary 
Statement of the External Advisory Panel (PDF)  

Also See: Evaluative Directions for the World Bank Group's Safeguards
and Sustainability Policies

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Annexes: Evaluation Data and Surveys 

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World Bank Lending by Safeguard Category, Number and Commitment (FY 1999- 2010)

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Source: World Bank database (as of April 12, 2010)

9 percent of lending was classified as category A (very high impact), 44 percent as category B (substantial impact), 29 percent as category C (low impact), and 4 percent as category FI (financial intermediary), but the distribution has changed substantially over time. During the review period, the proportion of category A increased from 5 to 11 percent, with the increase in the volume and scale of infrastructure lending. Category B increased from 37 to 51 percent, while category C dropped from 40 to 18 percent.

Trends in IFC's Portfolio

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The share of category-A projects in numbers has declined since introduction of the Policy and Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability but remains at the same level as earlier in commitment amount. FI projects are about 32 percent by number of projects and slightly less by commitment amount.

Source: IFC database
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miniRevise the policy frameworks to harmonize thematic coverage and guidance across the Bank Group and enhance the relevance of those frameworks to client needs. 

Recommendations for World Bank | IFC | MIGA  

miniEnhance client capacity, responsibility, and ownership. 

Recommendations for World Bank | IFC | MIGA 

miniRevise guidelines, instruments, and incentives to strengthen supervision arrangements. 

Recommendations for World Bank | IFC 


Strengthen safeguards monitoring, evaluation, and completion reporting. 

Recommendations for World Bank | IFC | MIGA  

miniImprove systems and instruments for accountability and grievance redress. 

Recommendations for World Bank | IFC | MIGA  

What are the World Bank Group's Safeguard Policies?

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Also: How do the World Bank Group's safeguard policies compare with other MDBs? 

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