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Project Performance Assessment Reports

Project Performance Assessment Reports (PPARS) are independent, in-depth IEG evaluations of completed World Bank projects. They draw on review of project documentation, country and sector literature, analysis of secondary data, interviews with key individuals (government, Bank staff, other donors, civil society, beneficiaries), field visits, and in some instances, analysis of primary data. PPARs are conducted on roughly one in four completed projects, and they are publicly disclosed.

Below are links to PPARs on HNP projects; several are forthcoming and will be posted when available.

Bangladesh: Fourth Population and Health Project (Credit 2259) and Health and Population Program Project (Credit 3101), June 23, 2006Integrated Nutrition Project (Credit No. 2735), June 13, 2005

Brazil: First and Second AIDS and STD Control Projects (Loan Nos. 3659 and 4392), April 27, 2004

Cambodia: Disease Control and Health Development Project (Credit No. N005-KH), April 21, 2004

Chad: Population and AIDS Control Project (Credit No. 2693), March 7, 2005

Egypt: National Schistosomiasis Control Project (Credit No. 2403) and Population Project (Credit No. 2830)

Eritrea: Health Project (Credit No. 30230) and HIV/AIDS, Malaria, STDs and TB (HAMSET) Control Project (Credit No. 34440) 

Estonia: Health Project (Loan No. 3835), November 14, 2001

Ghana: AIDS Response Project (GARFUND, Credit No.3458), June 20, 2007Second Health and Population Project (Credit No. 2193) and Health Sector Support Program (Credit No. 2994), July 31, 2007

Hungary: Health Services and Management Project (Loan No. 3597), December 12, 2001

India: National AIDS Control Project (Credit No. 2350), July 2, 2003

Indonesia: HIV/AIDS and STDs Prevention and Management Project (Credit No. 3981), June 13, 2005

Kenya: Sexually Transmitted Infections Project (Credit No. 2686), October 15, 2002

Kyrgyz Republic: Health Sector Reform Project (Credit No. 28600) and Health Sector Reform Project 2 (Credit No. 35060) 

Peru:NEW Basic Health and Nutrition Project (Loan No. 3701) and Health Reform Program (Loan No . 4527) (also in Español)

Romania: Health Services Rehabilitation Project (Loan No. 3409), February 27, 2002 

Russian Federation: Health Reform Pilot Project (Loan No. 4182), March 2007

Uganda: District Health Services Pilot and Demonstration Project (Credit No. 2679), April 3, 2006, and Sexually Transmitted Infections Project (Credit No. 2603), June 14, 2005

Vietnam: Population and Family Health Project (Credit No. 2807), July 5, 2006

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