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Executive Summary

Management Response Summary

Chairperson's Summary: Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE) Advisory Panel Statement

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Evolution and Performance of the World Bank’s Country Support for Health, Nutrition and Population

Chapter 3: Lessons from Three Approaches to Improve Outcomes

Chapter 4: The Contribution of Other Sectors to Health, Nutrition, and Population Outcomes

Chapter 5: IFC’s Health Strategy and Operations

Chapter 6: Conclusions and Recommendations

Appendix (all)

Appendix A: World Bank Group HNP Timeline

Appendix B: Definition of the Samples Used for Portfolio Reviews and World Bank HNP Staff Analysis

Appendix C: World Bank HNP Sector Projects Approved in Fiscal Years 1996–2007

Appendix D: IFC Health Investments, Fiscal Years 1997–2007

Appendix E: World Bank Support for Population

Appendix F: World Bank Support for Nutrition

Appendix G: World Bank Support for Analytic Work on HNP

Appendix H: Additional Figures on World Bank HNP Lending, Analytic Work, and Staffing

Appendix I: Evaluation of World Bank Participation in Two Global HNP Partnerships

Appendix J: Management Response


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