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Doing Business With The World Bank Group

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  • How can I learn of current or upcoming business opportunities?
  • The World Bank Group's Vendor Kiosk lists bidding opportunities for the Bank's internal operations.

    The Bank often hires consultants using funds provided by donors or its own resources to carry out specific studies or tasks related to the Bank's work. Information on these opportunities is available on the Bank's procurement website.

    The United Nations produces UN Development Business, which provides information on business opportunities generated through the Bank, regional development banks, and other development agencies. Development Business is available online by subscription. For more information, contact the Development Business Liaison Office at Tel: (202) 458-2397; or email:

    The Monthly Operational Summary (MOS) reports on the status of projects in the Bank's lending pipeline: from the point of identification of the project to the signing of the loan or credit agreement. After loans or credits are signed, entries are dropped from the MOS.

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  • How can I register my firm with the World Bank?
  • The registration procedure depends on whether you want to supply goods and services for the World Bank Group's internal operations or for Bank-financed projects in developing countries. This is because the Bank is only directly involved in buying goods and services to support its own operations—referred to as "corporate procurement."

    Goods and services that are used in Bank-funded projects are purchased by the borrowers in charge of the project. This is known as "operational procurement."

    To register for corporate procurement for the Bank's internal operations, go to the Vendor Kiosk and click on the vendor registration tab. Filling out the form does not guarantee that a vendor will be added to the World Bank Group's Vendor Master File. The World Bank Group only processes registration forms from vendors who have been awarded business as a result of a competitive bid process. The files of vendors that have been inactive for two years are purged from the system.

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  • How can I find out the names of firms that have been awarded contracts in Bank-financed projects?
  • The project database provides access to information on more than 9,500 contracts awarded since 1994. The database allows searches a number of ways, including by country, region, sector, theme/goal, supplier, contract, and project name.

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  • How can I identify the office responsible for procurement for a specific project?
  • The project database provides contact details for the government agencies in charge of the relevant project in the relevant country.

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  • How can I see the status of a given project?

Updated: October 2012

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