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  • What is the status of the World Bank Group Program in Iran?
  • No new World Bank loans to Iran have been approved since 2005. Furthermore, we have curtailed all disbursement activities with Iran, and are fully compliant with international sanctions including UN resolutions and US law.

    • International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) financial assistance to Iran currently consists of one loan for a project designed to help Iran's poorest people and to meet basic humanitarian needs. This project was approved in 2005 by the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank, which represents 187 member countries. The project helps support better land and water management in poor rural areas. Funding for this loan was raised on the capital markets.
    • The International Finance Corporation (IFC) program in Iran is two projects, which were committed in 2004 and 2005.
    • In December 2005, MIGA provided guarantees to Japanese, Thai, and Turkish investors for two projects in the manufacturing and oil, gas and chemical sectors in Iran. No new guarantees have been provided since then.

    We have curtailed all disbursement activities with Iran.

  • Does the World Bank Group follow UN sanctions on Iran?
  • Yes. As an independent United Nations specialized agency and a multilateral development bank, the World Bank Group fully complies with UN sanctions on Iran and reviews payments and contracts under World Bank Group financed projects to ensure that no loan funds are used to finance goods prohibited by the UN sanctions or payments made to designated entities or individuals.

    Security Council resolution 1737 (March 2007), while calling on member states and international organizations to refrain from making new financing available to Iran, exempts humanitarian and development activities conducted by international financial institutions from this prohibition.

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