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Bank - Fund Staff Federal Credit Union

Outcome of 1818 Society Interviews of BFSFCU Board Nominees
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Reflecting continuing member concerns about the direction of the BFSFCU and management of  assets and services to members, and  in follow–up to  the recent Town Hall meeting with the CU Management, a Sub-Committee of the 1818 Management team either met or interacted through email with all twelve nominees for the CU Board. Click here for details.

1818 Society Townhall Meeting with the Bank-Fund Staff Federal Credit Union (BFSFCU)
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After pensions and medical insurance, the BFSFCU is the biggest concern facing The 1818 Society. 1818 Society members account for a significant (albeit unknown) share of Credit Union assets and many 1818 Society members have their life savings in the BFSFCU. Click here for more.

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We are very grateful to the BFSFCU Management for providing this detailed response to the questions raised in the Townhall on January 18, 2012.

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To open this document, please use the same password that you use to access the Alumni Directory.

BFSFCU Fraud Awareness
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The Bank Fund Federal Staff Credit Union’s Security Specialists (Maria Velegris and  Rich Anderson) gave an extremely important presentation on Fraud Awareness and how to protect ourselves.
Click here for the BFSFCU presentation 


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