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Retiree Medical Insurance Plan for Former HQ Staff and Dependents

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The Retiree Medical Insurance Plan or RMIP is a comprehensive health insurance plan operated by the World Bank Group for former Headquarters staff and their eligible dependents. The RMIP assists members in meeting medical expenses of certain treatment/services, facilities and supplies. The MIP is a self- insured plan funded by Bank Group and member contributions.

The MIP contracts with Insurance Administrators who have fiduciary responsibility for reimbursement of the plan benefits. The basis for most MIP claim decisions is medical necessity and determination of medical necessity is solely the responsibility of the Insurance Administrators, currently Aetna (for US based members) or Vanbreda (for non-US-based members) and Medco for prescription drugs purchased in the US.

See Checklists for eligibility and enrollment details on all plans.


  • Retirees in the MIP are reminded that enrollment in Medicare Part D for prescription drugs is not recommended or required by the RMIP. See the Letter of Creditable Coverage.


Contact the insurance administrator - Aetna, Vanbreda, or Medco - directly with any questions about coverage or claim processing; particularly surgery and hospitalization, or restorative dental care such as crowns, orthodontia, and oral surgery. Use links below for insurance administrator contact information:

  • Aetna – Medical and Dental benefits (for those living in the U.S.)
  • Medco – Pharmacy Benefits
  • Vanbreda – Medical and Dental benefits (only for those living outside the U.S. who have elected Vanbreda)

For eligibility and enrollment questions, contact HR Service Center via:

Checklists (Step-By-Step Process Guides with Forms)

Requests handled within Bank by HR Service Center

Requests handled by Insurance Administrators


If you can't download the Aetna claims forms contact Aetna or Vanbreda and request forms to be sent to you.

MIP Plan Information

The MIP Summary Plan Description - complete information about plan coverage, limits, and exclusions.

Medical Insurance Plan related benefits summaries or guides:

For Active Staff - Aetna

For Active Staff - Vanbreda:

For Retirees - Aetna:

For Retirees - Vanbreda

Premiums for Active Staff and Retirees:

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