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Sponsored Medical Insurance Plan for Parent or Parent-In-Law - Remove


Removal of parent or parent-in-law from the Sponsored Medical Insurance Plan, SMIP or termination of coverage can occur because of:
  1. Voluntary termination of coverage;
  2. End of parent or parent-in-law's eligibility for Sponsored MIP;
  3. End of the staff member's active employment (Sponsored MIP termination is automatic in this event, however, Continuation MIP may be requested.).
If you submit MIP claims for non-eligible family members for medical plans, you are committing fraud. The World Bank Group pursues such cases rigorously, and sanctions include loss of MIP coverage for you (in perpetuity), financial restitution of the fraudulent claims, and even referral to the criminal justice authorities in your jurisdiction.
Step# Actions
  Action by Staff
01 Send an email to the HR Service Center at to request the removal of a parent or parent-in-law from the Sponsored MIP, or reporting a change in the parent or parent-in-law’s eligibility status.
02 Sponsored Plan coverage will terminate upon the earliest of:
  1. First of the month following receipt of request for voluntary termination of coverage;
  2. The last day of the month of the staff member's active employment;
  3. The last day of the month of the parent or parent-in-law ceasing to meet the eligibility conditions.

HR Service Center will send a confirmation email that the enrollment has been terminated.

03 Purchase Continuation MIP, if this option applies.

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