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Get an Insurance for Seminar Participants in USA


The World Bank Group does not provide insurance to visitors, seminar participants, or presenters. Any traveler without international medical insurance,, particularly those coming into the USA, should be cautioned about the high cost of medical care in the U.S. and should also be advised that the World Bank Group will not be responsible for their medical expenses. Individuals should review their insurance needs prior to travel. Travelers without insurance should purchase, at a minimum, travel medical coverage for urgent care. These policies do have exclusions and limitations, such as pre-existing health conditions and pregnancy.

Group purchases of travel medical coverage should be considered particularly by units inviting non- World Bank participants to any World Bank location as the participants may have medical coverage in their home country, but no coverage outside. Units may wish to consider including the cost of the policy in the cost of the workshop.

Travel Medical Insurance Resources:

  1. Medex:

  2. Gateway Plans.
    Website : 
    Phone: 1.317.655.4500 or 1.877.808.7434

  3. Insure My Trip:
    Phone: 1-800-487-4722
Step# Actions
  Action by Staff
  Staff on Operational Travel for the World Bank should review the Health Services Department, Travel Health Services
  Staff on non Operational Travel, the World Bank Medical Insurance Plan and the Medical Benefits Plan cover emergency medical treatment worldwide for enrolled staff and their eligible, enrolled dependents.
  Staff in WBG Country Offices covered under the Medical Benefits Plan do not need to purchase additional coverage to attend WBG training or while on WBG assignments outside their duty country. However, medical care that is routine or for pregnancy, may be cost limited to their duty country.
  MIP: The transportation benefit under the MIP is for transport to the nearest location able to render care, by ambulance or commercial carrier. Air ambulance will be approved only for the most critical cases and requires approval of the plan administrator.
  MBP: The transportation benefit under the MBP is currently under development.

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