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Medical Insurance Options in the USA for visitors and G5 domestic employees


This page lists medical insurance options outside the MIP for those residing in USA, including visitors and G-5 domestic employees, who are not eligible to participate in the World Bank Group Medical Insurance Plan.
If you are an active staff member, you might be eligible to Enroll Parent or Parent-In-Law into Sponsored Medical Insurance Plan.
Step# Actions
  Action by Staff
01 For group health insurance for G-5 domestic employees, contact the Bank-Fund Employer's Association at or 202-458-2275;
02 For visitors, contact Gateway Plans for standard travel policies for either business or vacation;
03 If you are in USA for at least six months, you may be able to supplement your existing coverage or purchase new coverage. To do so, use the optional resources below:
  1. Review for general information about health insurance at the federal and state level and to explore U.S. medical plan insurers.
  2. You may also review the websites of major insurance companies. Among the most popular and largest are:
Each insurer offers many different plans with different premium structures and coverage levels. Most plans require evidence of insurability (i.e., good health) prior to enrollment or exclude pre-existing conditions.

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