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Medical Insurance Options in the U.S. for Visitors and G5 Domestic Employees


Visitors and G5 domestic employees, who are not eligible to participate in the World Bank Group Medical Insurance Plan, can avail medical insurance.

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For G5 domestic employees:

  • G-5s are eligible to purchase health insurance from the Marketplace Exchanges, or outside the Marketplace Exchanges as long as policy staisfies the ACA coverage requirements
  • Health insurance purchased via the Exchanges may be elibile for a subsidy to reduce premiums

The relevant websites are:

  1. (for G-5 visa holders living in DC)
  2. (for those in MD)
  3. (for those living in VA)

For visitors:

Contact Gateway Plans for standard business or vacation travel policies.

If the visitor is in the U.S. for at least six months, a staff member may be able to supplement his/her existing coverage or purchase a new coverage. To do so s/he may use these resources:


Each insurer offers plans with different premium structures and coverage levels. Most plans require evidence of insurability, such as good health, prior to enrollment or to exclude pre-existing conditions.

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