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Life Insurance and Death in Service Grant

The World Bank Group offers its staff and retirees Life Insurance (for HQ staff, retirees and their dependents) and Death in Service Grant for (for Country Office staff). See the table below for the details of options.

For Country Office Staff
Options arranged via The World Bank Group
Open, Term, Regular StaffETC/ETTsRetirees
Death in Service Grant (death benefits)Death in Service Grant (death benefits)None
For HQ Staff and Retirees
Open, Term, Regular Staff and Executive DirectorsETC/ETTsRetirees
Options arranged via The World Bank Group Term Life Insurance program
  1. Basic Group Life Insurance for Staff;
  2. Optional Group Life Insurance for Staff;
  3. Optional Dependents’ Group Life Insurance for Staff.
Basic Group Life Insurance for Staff on ETC or ETT appointmentGroup Life Insurance Program for HQ-appointed Retirees

Options directly with Prudential

  1. Prudential Portability Plan for former staff who are not eligible for the Bank’s Retiree Group Life Insurance;
  2. Whole Life insurance plan for retirees who, after electing Retiree Group Life Insurance, experience an overall reduction of coverage and wish to maintain insurance levels after retirement

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