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The World Bank Group Human Resources

Welcome to the Human Resources Website! The information contained on this website is designed to assist new staff, retirees, and spouses / partners. Click the options below:

Emergency Number
(202) 458 8888

Alert Line
(202) 458 7669

*INCLEMENT WEATHER (World Bank Group Operating status/Bank Group is closed): Before attending any program, call the Alert Line at (202) 458 7669 at any time to determine the operating status of the Bank Group.

If the Bank Group is closed for business and you are scheduled to attend the "Getting Settled" program, call the Alert Line at (202) 458 7669 at anytime to find out the latest information about the Bank Group’s operating status. If the Bank is opening late, the "Getting Settled" program will be held at 1:00 PM the same day. If the Bank is closed, the "Getting Settled" program will take place on the first day that the Bank is open for business.

Note: The “Getting Settled” program takes place at 1776 G Street NW (corner of 18th and G Streets), Washington, D.C.

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