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Travel Health

HSD offers a variety of services to help ensure the health of staff on operational travel and on overseas country assignments.  However, these services are available to active staff only, and are described on HSD's Intranet site.

Travel Immunizations: HSD does not provide immunizations or medicines for home leave travel.  We encourage you to consult your own primary care provider or a travel health clinic to obtain these services. In order to assist staff and families, we have compiled a list of travel clinics in the DC area that provide travel vaccinations to staff and their family members for home leave.

Medical Emergency During Personal Travel: The World Bank Group’s medical evacuation policy does not cover personal travel outside the duty station or during home leave. In the event of illness or injury during personal travel staff are advised to contact their insurance provider directly to arrange for evacuation assistance. If travelling with family members or companions that are not covered by a Bank funded insurance plan, it is advised that separate travel/evacuation insurance be purchased for those individuals.

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