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HSD Policies Overview

Eligibility for Services:

Bank Retirees, Spouses and Registered Domestic Partners are eligible to take part in many Health Promotion classes, activities and lectures.  See individual listings of events and activities for details.

Registration & Fees for Classes & Programs:

While some classes and activities are free, others require a fee. Please ensure that you have registered at the appropriate email or web link given. Registration needs to be confirmed as some classes have limited availability. Unless otherwise noted, when a fee applies, please pay the required amount by check, payable to "IBRD," and write the class name in the memo.

Bank Security & Building Access:

While attending classes on the WBG premises, each participant must obtain security access to the buildings. The Health Promotion unit will not be able to authorize security for lecture or classroom attendance. For information regarding security procedures, you can contact the Security Operations Center at: 1-202-458-4489

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