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Results Profiles on Russian Federation

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Apr 20, 2012Russian Federation: Diversifying Growth, Maximizing Human Potential, and Improving Governance and Transparency.
Apr 17, 2012Russian Federation: Improving Weather Forecasting Capabilities
Apr 17, 2012Russian Federation: Investing in Young People as Peacemakers
Apr 17, 2012Russian Federation: Improving Livelihoods While Overcoming Differences
Apr 17, 2012Russian Federation: Attracting Private Sector Investment in Transport Infrastructure
Dec 22, 2011Advice on Improving Preschool Education in Russia
Dec 22, 2011Improved Public Services Benefit Russia's Citizens
Dec 22, 2011Leveraging Private Investment in St. Petersburg's Infrastructure
Dec 21, 2011In Russia: Forecasting the Weather, Protecting People and the Economy
Dec 20, 2011Higher Education in Tatarstan
Dec 15, 2011Preserving St. Petersburg's Heritage, Enhancing its Economic Development
Dec 13, 2011Making Health Care Healthier for All
Dec 09, 2011Helping People Help Themselves
Jun 30, 2011A Little Money Can Bring a Lot of Justice to Russia's Poor
Mar 22, 2011World Bank A Catalyst for Labor Migration Discussions
Oct 15, 2010Results Profile: Russian Federation
Sep 15, 2010Russia: Confronting the Dual Epidemics of Tuberculosis and AIDS
Jun 03, 2010Visiting Doctors Has Become More Convenient and Pleasant
Mar 04, 2010Results Profile: Russian Health
Feb 17, 2009Informing Debate, Analysis and Policy
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