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Features Stories on Lao People's Democratic Republic

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Jul 09, 2012Lao PDR: New Online Platform to Boost Trade Transparency
Jul 02, 2012Lao PDR Economic Monitor, May 2012: Sustaining Robust Growth, Mitigating Risks and Deepening Reforms
Apr 30, 2012Laos: Students Make Use of ‘Open Data’
Apr 05, 2012Lao PDR: Talking Economics
Feb 13, 2012“We need a better development plan”<br>East Asia’s urban dwellers speak out on living with floods
Nov 23, 2011Climate Change Portal Helps Visualize World Climate, Expand Access to Data
Oct 13, 2011On Social Media, East Asian Youth Echo Shortcomings of Higher Education
Aug 29, 2011Lao PDR: How Free Births are Saving Women’s Lives
Jun 23, 2011Young Lao Entrepreneurs Shine at Marketplace Competition
Jun 06, 2011In Tokyo, Donors Reaffirm Commitment to MDGs
Mar 15, 2011Lighting Homes, Empowering Lives in Lao PDR
Jul 24, 2010Video ClipHow Can the Bank Help Young Women Find Work?
Jun 22, 2010Laos poised for another year of strong growth
Feb 10, 2010Lao PDR performing well in the midst of crisis
Jan 29, 2010ASEAN and World Bank to Scale up Collaboration in Key Areas
Oct 01, 2009Building Back Better After a String of Natural Disasters
Jun 26, 2009ECO2 Cities: Q & A with Abha Joshi Ghani, Manager of Urban Development
Jun 26, 2009Sustainable Urbanization – Economically and Ecologically - Is Focus of New Program
May 27, 2009Shining a Light on Women’s Productivity in Lao PDR
May 12, 2009World Bank Helps Facilitate East Asia-Wide Ministerial Dialogue on Influenza A/H1N1 Response
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