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Features Stories on Timor-Leste

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Feb 13, 2012“We need a better development plan”<br>East Asia’s urban dwellers speak out on living with floods
Nov 23, 2011Climate Change Portal Helps Visualize World Climate, Expand Access to Data
Sep 19, 2011Timor-Leste: Radio Drama ‘Anastasia’ Helps Inform and Change Attitudes to Women’s Education
Aug 25, 2011Making Natural Resource Management more Transparent in Timor-Leste
Jun 30, 2011Timor Leste: from conflict to leadership
Apr 20, 2011Timor-Leste: Radio Series Promoting access to Higher Education for Women
Sep 23, 2010Timor-Leste: Justice for the Poor Shares Findings from Community Survey
Dec 10, 2009Timor-Leste: Strengthening Governance through Open Conversation
Aug 24, 2009PIC Profiles: sharing knowledge in Timor-Leste (Part 2)
Aug 09, 2009PIC Profiles: sharing knowledge in Timor-Leste (Part 1)
Jun 26, 2009ECO2 Cities: Q & A with Abha Joshi Ghani, Manager of Urban Development
Jun 26, 2009Sustainable Urbanization – Economically and Ecologically - Is Focus of New Program
May 12, 2009World Bank Helps Facilitate East Asia-Wide Ministerial Dialogue on Influenza A/H1N1 Response
Dec 09, 2008Consultations on the Bank Web Site
Aug 06, 2008At Last, a Practical Guide to Climate-proof Our Cities
Apr 02, 2008World Bank President Calls for Plan to Fight Hunger in Pre-Spring Meetings Address
Mar 17, 2008Timor-Leste: Increasing Access to Development Information
Feb 28, 2008High Food Prices - A Harsh New Reality
Jan 23, 2008Coming: A University Degree with an Expiration Date
Jun 18, 2007Promoting Equality Among Youth Through the World Bank Small Grant Program
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