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Results Profiles on India

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Oct 30, 2012Poor Households in Tamil Nadu Build Institutions to Advocate for Better Services
Oct 28, 2012Beneficiary Verification and Feedback Empowers Access to Health Services in Karnataka
May 09, 2012India: Improving Health Care for Mothers and Children in Tamil Nadu
May 09, 2012India: Developing the Health System in Karnataka State
May 09, 2012India: Improving the Lives of Farmers in Arid Lands in Karnataka State
May 09, 2012India: Tapping Assam’s Vast Agricultural Potential
May 09, 2012India: Boosting the Success of Industrial Trainees in the Job Market
May 09, 2012India Technical and Engineering Education
May 09, 2012India: The National AIDS Control Program
Apr 18, 2011India: Making Insurance Markets Work for Farmers
Apr 13, 2011India: Improving Child and Maternal Health in Tamil Nadu
Apr 13, 2011India: Country Results Profile
Sep 13, 2010India: Delivering 24/7 Water Service to three cities in Karnataka
Sep 13, 2010India: Delivering on the Promise of Education for All
Apr 29, 2010Results Profile: Gujarat, India, Highway Improvements
Mar 12, 2010Results Profile: Business in India
Mar 05, 2010Results Profile: Public Finance Reform in Bihar, India
Mar 03, 2010Results Profile: India Electrification
Sep 29, 2009India: Making Elementary Education Universal
Jun 26, 2007Access to Technical Education in India
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