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Results Profiles on Egypt, Arab Republic of

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
May 22, 2013Egypt: Making Home Ownership a Reality
May 10, 2013Supporting economic growth through a more accessible, inclusive and effective financial system for Egypt
Apr 23, 2013Paving the Way for Solar Thermal Power in Egypt
Apr 12, 2013Results Profile: Environment
Apr 23, 2012Access to Finance for Micro and Small Enterprises in Egypt
Mar 23, 2011Egypt and Morocco : Concentrated Solar Power
Oct 30, 2010Results Profile: Egypt Financial System Reform
Oct 26, 2010Egypt: Skills Development Project
Oct 26, 2010Egypt: The Development of Egypt’s Mortgage Finance Market
Oct 18, 2010Results Profile: Egypt
Sep 24, 2010Egypt : Airports Development
May 12, 2010Egypt Job Readiness & Job Placement for Marginalized Youth Project
Mar 12, 2007Integrated Irrigation Improvement and Management
Mar 12, 2007The Third Pumbing Stations Rehabilitation Project
Mar 12, 2007The Second National Drainage Project II
Mar 12, 2007Irrigation Improvement Project
Nov 03, 2003Egypt: Getting the Numbers Right

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