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Results Profiles on Brazil

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Click here to get the Data as per the chosen Date
Sep 19, 2013Ensuring the availability of high quality water resources to meet the growing needs of Brasilia (Federal District)
Sep 19, 2013Good Agricultural Practices: Small Producers in Rio de Janeiro improve natural resources management in environmentally vulnerable agricultural landscapes
Sep 19, 2013Tocantins, Brazil: Raising living standards and reducing inequalities and regional disparities
Jul 10, 2013Reinforcing Fiscal Discipline, Public Sector Management, and Service Delivery in the State of Rio de Janeiro
Apr 25, 2013Brazil: The World Bank Partners with Ceará to Boost Growth
Apr 23, 2013Fiscal and Public Sector Reforms to Increase Investments and Government Efficiency
Apr 16, 2013An Online Platform to Protect Biodiversity in the Western Hemisphere
Apr 12, 2013Results Profile: Environment
Apr 03, 2013Improving Fiscal Space through Administrative Reforms: State Pension Reform in Brazil
Apr 03, 2013Better Water Supply for Northeast Brazil
Apr 03, 2013Public-Private Partnership and the São Paulo Metro Line 4 Experience
Apr 16, 2012A Fiscal Turnaround in Brazil’s State of Rio Grande do Sul
Apr 16, 2012Reducing Poverty through Community Action in Northeast Brazil
Sep 21, 2011Community Driven Development: Sector Results Profile
Sep 20, 2011Social Development: Sector Results Profile
Aug 29, 2011Transport: Sector Results Profile
Apr 18, 2011Land Policy and Administration: Sector Results Profile
Apr 18, 2011Urban Development: Sector Results Profile
Apr 18, 2011Biodiversity: Sector Results Profile
Apr 28, 2010Results Profile: e-Procurement in the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais
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