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Features Stories on Vietnam

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Nov 20, 2012Trung Son Hydropower Project: Meeting Growing Energy Demands
Oct 10, 2012Vietnam Escuela Nueva: A New and Exciting Way of Learning
Sep 06, 2012Sanitation Project Overcomes Challenges to Transform Polluted Canal into Clean Waterway
Jul 30, 2012Connecting the Americas: Filling in the ICT Gaps
Jul 25, 2012Transform, Innovate, and Connect: A New Strategy for Information and Communication Technology
Jul 18, 2012Self-managed Project Gives Vietnamese Residents Access to Clean Water
Jul 17, 2012‘Maximizing Mobile’ Report Highlights Development Potential of Mobile Communications
Jun 04, 2012Update on Vietnam’s Recent Economic Development: Need for Careful Balance Between Growth and Inflation Objectives
May 21, 2012The World Bank and Vietnam: A strong and enduring partnership
Apr 04, 2012Toward More Livable Cities in Vietnam
Mar 28, 2012World Bank’s More Open, Accessible and Searchable Data Support Vietnam’s Development
Mar 04, 2012Hospital Autonomy in Vietnam Yields Positive Changes and New Challenges
Feb 13, 2012“We need a better development plan”<br>East Asia’s urban dwellers speak out on living with floods
Feb 12, 2012New Guidance on Helping Vietnam Better Manage Urban Flood Risks
Jan 12, 2012Vietnam Development Report (VDR) 2012: Market Economy for A Middle-income Country
Jan 05, 2012Protecting Biodiversity of Chu Yang Sin in the Central Highlands of Vietnam
Nov 23, 2011Climate Change Portal Helps Visualize World Climate, Expand Access to Data
Oct 13, 2011On Social Media, East Asian Youth Echo Shortcomings of Higher Education
Jul 25, 2011World Bank Group's ICT Strategy 2012-2015 Consultations
Jul 01, 2011Peer educators help reduce spread of HIV in high risk group
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