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Education For All Informational Vignettes, May 2003

In the run-up to the G8 Summit in Evian at which the Millennium Development Goals were being discussed, the World Bank and CNN International collaborated on three 30-second informational vignettes. These convey the message that universal primary education is critical for poverty reduction. The spots broadcast on CNN International in Europe, Africa, South Asia and Latin America reaching a potential audience of more than 500 million households.

View the spots:

Education for All

Adult Education

Girls Education
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Staying Alive

On December 1, 2002, MTV channels premiered Staying Alive 2002, the fourth in a series of documentaries produced in partnership with the World Bank and UNAIDS, YouthNet and the Kaiser Family Foundation. The award-winning Staying Alive series first aired on World AIDS Day 1998.

R&B star Mary J. Blige hosted this year's 60-minute special, which profiles young people from around the world affected by HIV/AIDS. The documentary, along with other HIV/AIDS awareness programming produced by MTV, reached more than 377 million households in 166 countries.

Staying Alive 4

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Watch clips of past Staying Alive documentaries:

Staying Alive 1
Staying Alive 2
Staying Alive 3
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Sustainable Development Vignettes - July 2002

The World Bank Group in partnership with National Geographic Channels International, National Geographic Channel Canada, and Alliance Atlantis have created thirty and sixty second vignettes intended to offer an international, multilingual audience background information on key topics. The vignettes relate to the overarching themes of poverty, water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity and education.

View the vignettes in RealAudio:

BiodiversityLife Expectancy
Blue PlanetLights Out: Energy
Gender Education  Population
Greenhouse EffectPoverty
HIV / AIDSRio ’92 /  Agenda 21
Human NutritionSustainable Development
Invisible Hunger

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