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Expanding Health Care in Mexico

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Two of the main obstacles to improving public health services for Mexico’s poor have been the population dispersion in rural areas, and the difficult geographic obstacles to reaching those in remote villages. 

A Mexican government initiative, the Expansion of Basic Health Services Program, has sought to reach these people. The program is backed by a $660 million loan from the World Bank. 

An unprecedented collaboration between the federal and local governments created hundreds of mobile health units that deliver a basic health care package including:  basic sanitation, diarrhea control, family planning, prevention and treatment of parasitic diseases, health and nutrition information, immunizations, child delivery, and prevention and control of tuberculosis and cervical cancer. Thanks to the five-year old program, basic public health services were extended to 8.2 million people, mostly in small communities, who previously had no access to basic health care. 

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Updated: July 2002

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