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New Head Of World Bank Operations Evaluation Appointed

Press Release No:. 2003/111/S

Contact: Elizabeth Campbell-Page (202) 473-5365


WASHINGTON, October 15, 2002— The Executive Directors of the World Bank Group have appointed Gregory Ingram as Director-General, Operations Evaluation (DGO).   Ingram, who will serve a two-year term effective immediately, succeeds Robert Picciotto whose retirement was announced previously.

The DGO is directly responsible to the Executive Directors of the Bank for evaluating the Bank’s programs and activities and appraising the Bank’s operations self-evaluation and development risk management systems, and for encouraging and assisting developing member countries to build effective monitoring and evaluation associations, capacities and systems.  He oversees all independent evaluation work through the Operations Evaluation Department (OED) that covers IBRD and IDA, the Operations Evaluation Group (OEG) in the IFC, and the Operations Evaluation Unit (OEU) in MIGA.   The goals of evaluation are to learn from experience, to provide an objective basis for assessing the results of the Bank's work, and to provide accountability in the achievement of its objectives. It also improves Bank work by measuring developing effectiveness  and identifying and disseminating the lessons learned  from evaluation findings.

Ingram brings 25 years of experience to his new position.  For the past two years, he served as Director of OED. During that time, he increased the transparency of OED’s work by promoting consultations with outside stakeholders, by using advisory committees of external experts on large reviews, and by disclosing more studies that underpin OED’s evaluations and methodology. He is credited for fostering harmonization of evaluation methods by facilitating country and sector reviews done cooperatively with bilateral and multilateral donors. And he has helped widen OED's evaluation scope by playing a major role in guiding OED’s first evaluation of global programs.

“Greg is a man of the highest integrity whose judgment the Executive Directors and I value and respect,” World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn said of the announcement. “With these qualities, he is well placed to help the Institution with the crucial job of better evaluating our operational work as we face the challenges ahead.”

In 1994, he was Staff Director of the World Development Report on infrastructure--a report which was commended by the international development community and which has helped to guide thinking on that topic up to the present time. He has held various managerial and senior advisory posts in the Bank’s Development Economics Vice-Presidency, including as Administrator of the Research Advisory Staff and Director of the Development Research Department. His other positions have included Senior Advisor in the Infrastructure /Urban Development Department, and Economic Advisor in the Urban Development Department.  Prior to joining the World Bank, Ingram, a U.S. national, was Associate Professor at Harvard University. He also holds a PhD in Economics from Harvard.

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