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Conflict and Development: a View from the Ground

"Conflict and Development: a View from the Ground" is a series of five stories that focuses on the World Bank’s development work in conflict areas. The work is an inherent part of the Bank’s mission, with poverty being both a cause and a consequence of conflict. Eighty percent of the world's 20 poorest countries today have suffered from a major conflict in the recent years. Devnews has talked to Bank staff on the ground, to get a clearer sense as to what this work entails on a daily basis, what progress is being made, what challenges are faced and what lessons they have learnt.

  Afghanistan:  Rebuilding a Country From the Bare Minimum - May 12, 2003

  Timor-Leste:  Nation-Building and Reconstruction - May 13, 2003

  The Market for Civil War - May 14, 2003

  South-Central Africa and Great Lakes - May 15, 2003

  West Bank and Gaza: Alleviating Poverty in the Midst of Conflict - May 16, 2003

For more information on conflict and development, see "Breaking the Conflict Trap" by Paul Collier, a World Bank report on the causes of civil war launched May 14, 2003.

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