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Corruption - Related Links

World Bank Resources

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Current Stories
The Costs of Corruption 
How the Bank Helps Countries Fight Corruption
How The World Bank Strives To Keep Its House in Order
Tackling Corruption In Indonesia
10 Things You Did Not Know About the World Bank and Anti-Corruption
The Data Revolution: Measuring Governance and Corruption
Six Questions on the Cost of Corruption with Daniel Kaufmann
Forum: Comment on the Cost of Corruption

Official Websites
Governance & Anticorruption Resource Center
Public Sector Governance

Anticorruption in Transition 2: Corruption in Enterprise-State Interactions in Europe and Central Asia 1999 - 2002 
Challenging Corruption in Asia: Case Studies and a Framework for Action 
Fighting Corruption in East Asia: Solutions from the Private Sector
Curbing Corruption: Toward a Model for Building National Integrity 

The Role of Governance and the Rule of Law in Scaling Up Poverty Reduction 
Daniel Kaufmann on Corruption - Special for KidsDevNews (RealVideo)
All B-Span - Governance Videos

World Wide Web Resources
While we hope you might find the links below of interest, please note the World Bank is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Development Gateway - Governance
Daniel Kaufmann, Governance Director at the World Bank Institute, is an advisor on the Development Gateway's Governance site.

Transparency International
An international non-governmental organization devoted to combating corruption.

Utstein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre
A web-based resource on anti-corruption created by the Utstein Group, a partnership formed by the international development ministers of Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.

An online resource associated with America's Accountability/Anti-Corruption Project, a USAID-funded project.

United Nations Development Programme - Governance
Information on the UNDP's work in supporting national processes of democratic transition.

Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
A inter-governmental organization that develops and promotes policies to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - Corrupton
The OECD site on preventing international bribery and corruption.

There are many other websites devoted to corruption and bribery related issues.  Transparency Interational and the Utstein Group maintain a lengthy list of related sites:

Transparency International - Links to Sites Helping to Fight Corruption

Utstein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre - List of Organizations and Institutions

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