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World Bank Statement on Secretary General's Report

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Press Release No:2005/390/S


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WASHINGTON, March 21, 2005 —“The World Bank welcomes the report of the UN Secretary-General (In Larger Freedom: towards development, security and human rights for all) and applauds its work to set in context the need for an integrated understanding of development and security. In a world which has changed dramatically since the 2000 Millennium Summit, we support the Report's findings that without effective development we cannot hope to achieve security around the world. The report makes starkly clear the urgent need for continued work toward alleviating poverty and meeting all the agreed objectives of development, embodied in the Millennium Development Goals. The World Bank especially welcomes the Report’s call for increased and more effective aid, openness to trade, and improved governance--including respect for the rule of law--all of which the Bank has advocated over many years.


We echo the report's call for all countries to meet their promises: for developing countries to achieve effective domestic governance and developed countries to accede fully to promises of aid, including at least initially a doubling of ODA, and debt relief--as reflected in the Monterrey Consensus. We also support its call to build capacity in developing countries, to strengthen national strategies, and to improve the private investment climate and scale up investments in infrastructure for economic growth in developing countries. The World Bank stands ready to move forward with countries and with the UN as a central multilateral partner, and with all of our other partners, to support broad and accelerated progress toward the MDGs and to do our part to help create a safer, more prosperous, and more equitable world.”



James D. Wolfensohn

President, The World Bank Group




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