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World Bank Presidential Succession Process

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Paul D. Wolfowitz Confirmed as 10th World Bank President
March 31, 2005
Paul D. Wolfowitz Biography
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Statements and press releases regarding the selection of the World Bank President:

Mar 31, 2005
Statements on Confirmation of Paul D. Wolfowitz as Tenth World Bank President
Mar 31, 2005
World Bank Board Unanimously Confirms Paul D. Wolfowitz As 10th Bank President
Mar 31, 2005
Further Statement by Group of Executive Directors on the World Bank's Presidential Selection Process
Mar 31, 2005
Statement by Executive Directors representing European Countries on the Selection of the President of the World Bank
Mar 25, 2005
Statement By World Bank Group's Board Of Executive Directors On Presidential Selection
Mar 24, 2005
Statement By World Bank Executive Directors Representing EU Member Countries On Their Meeting With Paul Wolfowitz
Mar 23, 2005
Statement By Group Of Executive Directors On The World Bank’s Selection Process
Mar 18, 2005
Further Communication on Selection of the President
Mar 16, 2005
Nomination For Presidency Of The World Bank

For more information on the present president, James D. Wolfensohn, see
James D. Wolfensohn's Presidency. Also see James D. Wolfensohn On His Appointment As Special Envoy For Gaza Disengagement.

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