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Audio: Tariff Reform Could Deliver Annual Global Gains of $300 Billion by 2015

Press Briefing
Kym Anderson, Co-Editor of the study
2m8sCost of current policies are very high – around US$300 billion.
1m32sFreeing up of agricultural trade would lead to all countries expanding exports and imports
Will Martin, Lead Economist, Trade Research Group, World Bank Group
4m20sThe WTO is the "only game in town" for agricultural reform.
1m43sOn the question of if there's partial reforms
Uri Dadush, Director of Development Prospects Group, World Bank Group
1m51sThe benefits for developing countries and the importance of aid for trade
Danny Leipziger, Vice President and head of Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network, World Bank Group
55sThe issue of domestic supports and impact on developing countries

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