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Food Crisis in Kyrgyz Republic

Food Crisis in Kyrgyz Republic
Tuesday, August 11, 2008
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Farmers in the Kyrgyz Republic say that the economic crisis is hitting hard at their livelihood. Drought has added to their problems.

The country is now using a new World Bank grant to expand programs it hopes will help farmers hit hard by the food crisis.

Aid for Mothers
Health officials in central Asia's Kyrgyz Republic worry that the food crisis there is taking the heaviest toll on the country's mothers and young children.

In response, the government is using World Bank funding to expand a project where pregnant mothers are sure to get the basic vitamins they need.

Cash Transfers
Aida Satybaldev and her husband Urmat are in the Social Protection Office of their district in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Soaring prices mean they can no longer afford to feed their family, they tell social workers.

Now, through a cash transfer project, some say they are receiving that bit of extra help they need to make ends meet.

WASHINGTON, August 11, 2008 
The World Bank has approved and started disbursing $82 million in ten countries hit hard by rising food prices. Programs totaling $48 million in six additional countries are pending approval.

An additional $284 million in grants is being earmarked for programs in another 13 countries.Ten million dollars has been approved for the Kyrgyz Republic—a country where bread prices have tripled, and some families say they are worried about being able to buy enough food for their children.

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