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Safety Nets: Tanzania

There are 34 million Tanzanians, 46% are under 15 years old. About 50% of the population lives below poverty line and some 80% live in rural areas. To alleviate these enormous problems, the Tanzanian government has funded, with the help of the World Bank, an amazing safety net program involving 11 000 small projects. These are improving the lives of some 15 million people; over half of them are women.

Tamar Manuelyan Atinc, vice president, Human Development Network at the World Bank prefaces this amazing story.

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Safety Nets: A Miracle in Tigray

After almost 10 years of drought and famine there is a new life in Tigray, the northern province of Ethiopia. All sorts of fruits and vegetables are growing there now. And the flowers of these trees are attracting bees. Tigray has become the land of milk and honey. The milk is provided by the cattle that find plenty of good grass. And all that thanks to “retaining walls!”

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Safety Nets

Many countries have made enormous progress in recent years in providing safety nets to their people. But there is still a long way to go to take care of the needs of the poor. Now, during the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings, leaders of the world are going to address this crucial problem.

But what are Safety Nets Programs. Who needs them? How do they work? These are some of the questions that we are going to explore during our mini-series on social protection. We start our trip in Brazil.

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Mo’Betta Jobs--Part 2

In part two of our mini series on the book “More and Better Jobs in South Asia,” Kalpana Kochhar and Reema Nayar dig deep into the problems of childhood development in South Asia and how it affects employment there. They also tell us how this vast region of the world can accomplish the mind-boggling challenge of creating 1.2 million jobs every month for the next 20 years to absorb its growing work force.

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Mo’Betta Jobs--Part 1

South Asia is a vast swath of land extending from Afghanistan to the west and Bhutan in the east and from the Himalayas to the Maldives. Covering 8 countries, it has a population of over one and a half billion inhabitants. Over half a billion of them are poor and half a billion are young people. To take care of the growing needs of this population, South Asia has to create 1.2 million jobs every month for the next 20 years. How? Kalpana Kochhar and Reema Nayer both economists for South Asia present the findings of the book “More and Better Jobs in South Asia.”

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Mayhem at the Border

Thousands and thousands of dollars to secure import permits, thousands and thousands of dollars to secure thousands of documents, harassment, baksheesh, sudden changes of regulation. These are some of the facts that are hampering Africa from achieving its potential in regional trade. Paul Brenton, editor of the book De-Fragmenting Africa, Deepening Regional Trade Integration in Goods and Services is our guest.

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Today in Haiti: A Special Edition of On the Move

Two years after the terrible 7.0 magnitude earthquake that crippled Haiti, what has been done? Today in Haiti presents how the various teams of the World Bank Group, the government of Haiti, the United Nations, the EU, NGO's and international organizations are working together to help reconstruct this devastated island and how they are facing some very challenging situations.

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Program for Results

In today’s world, development is about results. Everyone—government officials, parliamentarians, civil society, poor people, the private sector—is demanding programs that help deliver sustainable results. To meet this demand, the World Bank is proprosing to introduce the Program-for-Results (PforR) instrument—the first major development financing instrument to formally link disbursements to the achievement of results. With PforR, the Bank will help partner countries improve the design and implementation of their development programs and achieve lasting results by strengthening institutions and building capacity.

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At the Crossroad

Climate change is affecting the world sooner and deeper than scientists realized and Africa is one of the regions most affected by it. But Africa is today at the forefront of the fight against it. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change has launched the 17th Conference of the Parties or COP17 in Durban, South Africa. Entitled “Working Together, Saving Tomorrow Today,” this conference is at a crucial crossroad. The delegates will imperatively have to come up with innovative ideas to help resolve the problem of climate change.

Our guest Jamal Saghir, Director of Sustainable Development at the Africa Region of the World Bank says that, one thing people do not often realize is the correlation between climate change and infrastructure in developing countries and particularly Africa.

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Women's Voices: Women Uhuru

Our voyage of discovery to find out how women are faring around the world takes us to East Africa, the cradle of humankind and the birthplace of Lucy, the mother of man, as she is called. But since we Think Equal shouldn’t we say the mother of man and woman? In this first edition entitled Women Uhuru, Swahili for Women’s Freedom, we are in Kenya to see how Kenyan women and men are fighting climate change.

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Women's Voices: Oh My Islands in the Sun!

You may remember the amazing 1961 documentary "The Sky Above, the Mud Bellow" in which some explorers were trekking with great difficulty through the then unexplored Papua New Guinea. You might also have seen the beautiful Rogers and Hammerstein's Broadway musical "South Pacific" drawn from the James Michener's award winning book Tales of the Pacific. That was in 1949!

Papua New Guinea and the Solomon's Islands are Women's Voices destination today. But don't put on your Hawaiian shirt, white shorts and flip-flops yet, the next ten minutes are going to be an eye opener. Ferid Belhaj, country director of the South Pacific region of the World Bank is our special guest.

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Women’s Voices: Women of the Ring of Fire

These women live in the midst of 452 volcanoes in a region where 80% of the world’s most devastating earthquakes occur, leading to terrible tsunamis. They also face a strongly patriarchal society. Surviving both, they are acquiring a stronger voice and are fast becoming the equal of their male partners, who in turn are starting to “Think Equal!”

To know more, follow us on our visit to Indonesia the beautiful country of 238 million inhabitants living in 13,466 islands. And don’t forget to check our website:

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