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Global Economic Prospects 2009

Global Economic Prospects 2009:
Commodities at the Crossroads

A new World Bank report says the global economic downturn means less investment, slower growth and fewer exports for developing countries in 2009.


  • Press Release
  • Website: Global Economic Prospects
  • WASHINGTON DC, December 9, 2008—The Global Economic Prospects 2009 report, says along with the deepening crisis, commodity prices have plummeted, ending an historic five year boom. But the report, says the worst should be over by 2010 when growth is projected to pick up in developing countries.

    Additional Soundbites
    Hans Timmer, Global Trends Manager, World Bank Group
    + Developing countries hit hard by global financial crisis
    + Global trade down for first time in quarter century
    + Developing countries can cushion effects of financial crisis

    Andrew Burns, Lead Economist, World Bank Group
    + Unprecedented commodities boom over
    + Commodities shortages unlikely
    + Lower food prices relief for the poor

    Andrew Burns, Lead Economist (Français)
    + Que projette le Global Economic Prospects 2009?
    + La baisse de prix de la nourriture soulage les pauvres
    + Aucun manque de commodites projete

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