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Corruption-Free Tomorrow Starts Today

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The performance of the students of the School of Equal Opportunities, KievThis contest aimed at raising awareness among young people of the negative influence that corruption has on lives of individual citizens and society as a whole. It also helped to develop a critical view of corruption and promoted youth engagement in anti-corruption programs in Ukraine.

Participants of the contest were between 15 to 25-years old and expressed their opinions and shared views on one of the following issues: a) Does corruption influence the value and quality of education? b) In what way does bribery affect the quality of learning? c) Can one rise in the higher education system without "connections"? d) Can standardized external testing decrease the level of corruption during the admission process to higher education institutions? e) What can I do to counter corruption in higher education institutions?

Essay Competition 2008The Contest Jury comprising of representatives of the World Bank, ACTION, UNDP, and other public and private entities reviewed 104 essays submitted, and selected 14 winners representing different regions of Ukraine.

Prizes provided by the World Bank and ACTION, were complimented by the special awards from UNDP, MTС-Ukraine, Yalta European Strategy, PRT Communications Group and Klitschko Brothers Foundation.

"Ukrainians see that corruption is a major problem for the country's development, but personally many of them are reluctant to do something about it in their daily lives. This Essay Competition on Fighting Corruption in Higher Education shows that young people are ready to stand up for change and are thus an encouragement to everyone to make anti-corruption their own agenda.". – says Martin Raiser, World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

Essay Competition 2008"These essays are particularly heartening because of the permeating corruption in the education sector. While an unsettling high amount of students continue to engage in corrupt acts, the participants of this competition invested time and energy into making a stand against bribery. Hopefully, this competition will be a step toward making such a position more attractive,"—notes Juhani Grossmann, Chief of Party, ACTION Project

Please find below the names the winners of the National Essay Contest 2008 "Corruption in Higher Educational Institutions" and their essays in Russian and Ukrainian:

1. Grabova Yulia, special prize from the United Nations in Ukraine

2. Susheva Oksana, special prize from MTC Ukraine

3. Vikonska Nadiya, the youngers winner of the Contest

4. Denisyuk Oksana, special prize form the Communications Group PRT

5. Abdureshitov Ruslan, special prize from the World Bank and ACTION

6. Drobovych Anton, special prize from the World Bank and ACTION

7. Bondarenko Marina, special prize from the World Bank and ACTION

8. Karpenko Olga, special prize from the Charity Foundation "Yalta European Strategy"

9. Pashevska Maria, special prize from the World Bank and ACTION

10. Bondarets Svitlana, special prize from the World Bank and ACTION

11. Reznichenko Yevgenia, special prize from the Charity Foundation "Yalta European Strategy"

12. Svirida Oksana, special prize from the World Bank and ACTION

13. Sherbata Irina, special prize from Klichko Charity Foundation

14. Kherson State Center of the Youth Initiatives TOTEM, special prize from Day newspaper

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