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Statement: World Bank Group Discloses Debarments under Corporate Procurement Program

Press Release No:2009/198/EXC

In Washington: Carl Hanlon +1 (202) 473-8087
InDelhi: Sudip Mozumder +91-11-24 61 7241

January 11, 2009, Washington - The World Bank Group  has decided to make public the names of all companies that have been debarred from receiving direct contracts from the Bank Group under its corporate procurement program. This change was made in the interest of fairness and transparency.

This change aligns the disclosure practice for companies that provide goods and services directly to the Bank with the current policy governing procurement on Bank financed projects in developing countries. In parallel with the Bank's disclosure of the names of companies and individuals debarred on Bank financed projects from now on, the Bank Group will publicly list the names of companies debarred from its corporate procurement.

(For a complete list of the 111 companies and individuals currently debarred from participating in Bank financed projects, please click here.)

There are currently three companies that have been debarred along with their affiliates under the Bank Group's corporate procurement program.

Ineligible firms are:

Satyam Computer Services, Ltd.
Term: 8 years
Date: September 2008
Reason: Providing improper benefits to Bank staff and failing to maintain documentation to support fees charged for its subcontractors.

Wipro Technologies
Term: 4 years
Date: June 2007
Reason: Providing improper benefits to Bank staff

Megasoft Consultants Ltd.
Term: 4 years
Date: Dec 2007
Reason: Participating in a joint venture with Bank staff while also conducting business with the Bank

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