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Nepal: School Sector Reform Program (SSRP) Project

WASHINGTON, September 22, 2009 - The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved the following project:


IDA Credit: US$71.50 million equivalent

Terms: Maturity = 40 years; Grace Period = 10 years

Project ID: P113441


Project Description: The School Sector Reform Program (SSRP) Project for Nepal aims to increase access to and improve quality of school education, particularly basic education (Grades 1-8), especially for children from marginalized groups. The first component of the project is basic education. The primary objective of this component is to ensure equitable access and quality of basic education for all children in age group 5-12, prepare pre-school-age children through Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) for basic education and deliver basic numeracy and literacy to youths and adults, especially women and marginalized groups. The second component of the project is secondary education. This component aims to improve equitable access to secondary education by financing: (i) the expansion of physical facilities, including classroom construction and rehabilitation, library and laboratory construction, and the construction of schools for children with special needs (CWSN), and (ii) targeted scholarship schemes for dalits, marginalized groups, disabled, girls and children from poor households.


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Erik Nora

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