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New World Bank Report Calls for a Level Playing Field for Business in the Middle East and North Africa Region

Middle East & North Africa Economic Report
World Bank Report Calls for Level Playing Field for Business

A new World Bank report is calling on the Middle East and North Africa region to strengthen the private sector, which will be vital to create the 40 million more jobs the region's growing population will need over the next ten years


Cairo, November 9, 2009—A new report released by the World Bank’s Middle East and North Africa (MNA) region, From Privilege to Competition: Unlocking Private-Led Growth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), finds that the private sector is not yet generating enough jobs and sustaining higher growth in the region. A stronger private sector is needed as an estimated 40 million new jobs have to be created in MNA in the next decade. For this to occur, countries in the region need to reduce discretion in the business environment to encourage more entrepreneurs to invest. The playing field must be leveled for the region’s businesses. It will require increasing transparency and strengthening institutions that enforce the rules.

Additional Video Interviews

  Ritva S. Reinikka Sector Director, Social & Economic Development
+ What does the new MENA report look at? 
+ What recommendation does the report make? 
+ What is said in terms of the region's progress?

 Najy Benhassine Senior Economist, Finance & Private Sector Development (Francais)
+ Pourquoi ce rapportsur les pays du Moyen orient et l'Afrique du Nord?

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